Wearing of Facemasks at Airports and on Aircraft


Customers / Clients traveling with My Getaway Driver should ensure that they have ample supplies of Face Masks to comply with the following current legislative laws


Wearing of Face masks at Perth Airport Terminals and on Aircraft


To continue keeping WA safe, wearing a face mask is now mandatory in Western Australia while:

  • at an airport
  • travelling on aircraft
  • transporting a person subject to a quarantine direction (e.g. in a personal vehicle, private car, hired car, ride-share vehicle or taxi) ** Webliink to Gov WA Notice **

Airports and air travel can present an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission, and wearing face masks is effective in helping to prevent this.

Where a person, subject to a quarantine direction, needs to engage in transport services, all people in the vehicle (including the driver) are required to wear a face mask.

This includes private, hired, taxi and rideshare vehicles that may be used to travel from:

  • the airport to their suitable premises for self-quarantine, or
  • their place of self-quarantine to a COVID Clinic to present for their Day 11 COVID-19 test.

Children aged 12 years and under do not need to wear a face mask.

Penalties up to $50,000 and $250,000 bodies corporate may apply for people who fail to comply with this requirement. ** Link to EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ACT 2005 ( WA ) Section 72A AIRPORT AND TRANSPORTATION ( FACE MASK ) DIRECTIONS **


Weblink to = ^^How to put on and take off your face mask**

We are still operating during the Coronoa Virus ( Covid-19 ) Outbreak

Although I may have implemented a few changes to our Policies to prevent either myself or my clients / customers contracting the Virus through touch.

Customers / Clients are advised to also adopt the following


No Handshaking Policy during Corona Virus Outbreak

SOCIAL DISTANCING – Sit in rear of vehicle more than 1 metre away

Easy in our spacious 7 Passenger Seater Kia Carnival

Wash hands frequently

Use a good Hand Sanitiser


The driver also periodically wipes down major contact points inside and outside the vehicle as Covid-19 is a contact based Virus

Cleaning Hands inside and out to rid Covid-19 droplets

Cleaning Hands inside and out to rid Covid-19 droplets

Cleaning seatbelts and buckles to rid Covid-19 droplets


See our Informational You Tube Clip regarding our Cleaning policies etc during CoVid-19

 Click Here



What are the rules regarding kids and seatbelts within Rideshare / Omnibus vehicles ?
Let us explain …………………………..
My Getaway Driver operate under the Omnibus rules and regulations and as such, do not have to carry / use child seats within our vehicles when we do Airport Transfers etc
We do however extend to customers that they can use their own childseats within our vehicles and if travelling abroad, these childseats can be kept with us for safe keeping until they return and have the same driver / vehicle and their own childseats waiting for them to use on the return trip.
Under WA law, all drivers and passengers are required to wear a seat belt. Passengers under the age of 16 must be appropriately restrained according to the seatbelt rules of the state.
In WA, on 26th June 2018, the Road Safety Commission is updating the laws regarding child restraints for taxi / Rideshare / omnibus drivers.
Drivers will be responsible for ensuring passengers aged one to seven years old are restrained appropriately in adult seat belts if children seats are not available. Omnibus licence holders will be liable to be penalised if they do not ensure all children under seven are restrained appropriately in their vehicle.
Children under the age of one are able to be held by a caregiver who is over 16 years of age and not in the front seat of the vehicle.
In vehicles with multiple rows of seats, children under the age of seven must sit in the rear of vehicle unless all other seats are filled with other passengers under the age of seven.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to carry seats in my vehicle ?
No. In other cities around the world there are products that do require you to have a child seat but here in Perth these products do not currently exist. If you do have a child seat that you would like to make available to your riders, please store this in the boot of your car so you can still accommodate a full car of adult riders and can access the child seat if/when needed.
What if the Child under 7 refuses to put on the adult seat belt ?
This responsibility falls down to the parents of the child and if the child will not wear the seatbelt or sit still, then due to safety regulations, the trip / booking will have to be terminated.
Under Rideshare / Omnibus regulations, all riders and driver-partners are expected to follow relevant road rules – such as wearing seat belts.
If a rider will not wear a seat belt, remind them that it is a legal requirement and that you cannot drive until their seat belt is securely buckled. If they still refuse to wear a seat belt, the Department Of Transport recommend you cancel the trip. Customers will be liable for the cost of the cancelled trip.

Ten Top Travel Tips


Ten Travel Tips

If this is your first time traveling abroad – or maybe you just need a refresher – here’s a list of 10 tips you should do or bring before your trip.



  1. Check-in with your Health providers – Doctor, Dentist and insurance cover. Double check and make sure that you have all of the proper vaccinations and that you don’t have any outstanding teeth issues, a lot of our clients recommend QVC Dental Baldivis & Port Kennedy etc and that you have renewed all essential prescriptions.  Also ask your medical insurance provider if your policy applies overseas for emergencies. If it doesn’t, consider adding extra coverage,  consider inexpensive  Post Office Insurance through locally owned and operated Baldivis Post Office owned by Scott, an award winning Post Office.

    QVC Dental Baldivis & Port Kennedy



     Scott Burnham from Baldivis Post Office

  2. Take copies of your passport. If your passport gets lost or stolen you want to be sure that you can still get back into the country, or be able to prove your citizenship.
  3. Leave a copy of your passport. For extra backup, leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone you trust. Consider making an electronic copy you can store in your email account as well.

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  1. Make sure your credit card will work in the country you’re visiting. Not all countries accept the outdated magnetic-strip cards. Most have now switched almost completely to the more secure chip-and-PIN technology, if you don’t have a credit card, consider the ultimate travel companion with $0 annual fee from Bankwest. It can even be paired with a Bankwest Halo ring for ease of carrying ( or not carrying as you wear it )
  2. Research your holiday destination before you go – This will make sure you get the full potential of your time in the desired destination, even better is to book with Mobile Travel Agents – Chris Pain who can both guide you through where you are planning on going and give you the best deal and also discuss options at the destination.
  3. Take a Travel charger / adapter – Countries have different size plugs and voltage. So if you want to use your iPod, make sure you can charge it.
  4. Activate your phones global activities – There’s usually a charge for doing this, but it is much less than the roaming charges you’ll get if you don’t. Also consider a PrePaid TravelSIM+



  1. Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag – Don’t be one of those travelers decked out in J’adore Paris apparel because the airline lost your luggage and you have nothing else to wear.
  2. To check a bag or not to check bag – Each airline has its own set of guidelines as to how many bags can be checked or carried on for free. Make sure to look up what your airline’s rules are to avoid any incremental fees.
  3. Arrange someone to look out for your home whilst your away – When you are thousands of miles away, the last thing you want is a phone call from a neighbor saying your house has been burgled. Arrange someone to be a designated key holder and clear your post, free newspapers while your away. Also if you live in the City Of Rockingham area, consider the Councils free Holiday Watch program that is available to you.


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Regular Travellers bodies crave Energy, but Energy Drinks and sugary snack bars are not the answer

By Lisa Byfield – Health / Wellness advocate and Zija Distributor

Drink / food cravings are an everyday thing for most of us, and when we approach them as an intricate language between the body, brain, and spirit rather than something to be resented or ignored; they can be extremely useful in improving health.

The challenge with cravings is that we have to know how to translate them, and this doesn’t come easily. The majority of us have spent our lives ignoring the internal cues coming from our bodies, told even from childhood that a headache meant that we needed paracetamol, not much more. We likely weren’t taught to consider that perhaps we were drinking something our bodies didn’t actually need, and what was needed was antioxidants, vitamins, minerals omega oils and proteins and to drink more water; that the symptom was an intelligent and meaningful signal coming from our bodies.

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Regular travellers suppress their cravings for energy with quick and easy sugary energy drinks, but sugar releases a massive hit of energy which although stems the craving, does not address that our bodies crave for more sustainable energy which is slow releasing.

A craving for sugary things relates on a physical level to the cells of the body not getting enough energy. Sugar is a quick source of energy, and the body knows this. Reduced cellular energy production can occur because of a lack of minerals necessary for proper insulin secretion and sensitivity (iron, magnesium and zinc are often low in nearly everyone, and can really help reduce your desire for sugars and other carbohydrates), or a fatty acid deficiency resulting in faulty intracellular communication.

We are constantly reminded through both radio and TV to reduce our sugary / fatty intake or to reduce our portions without any real guidance as the government can’t be seen as promoting one above the other.

Want to read more – WA Government calls for Sugary drinks Tax 

Regular Travellers see increased waist due to sugary snacks

So what’s the solution ?

Zija is just one of the many out there of health options and combined with its good old natural plant products, is both a good and healthy alternative to what is actually on the shelves.

Switching from sugary energy drinks to a serving of Core Moringa with water is an excellent start and over just a few weeks, your craving for sugar will subside and your body will love you and crave more for the natural Moringa plant product full of the nutrients your body actually needs

“But energy drinks are easy in they are one can and can be packed and used whenever, I haven’t got time for large containers, measuring scoops and measuring out water?”

We have addressed that with Zija’s convenient portable packs coupled with either a small 250ml up to a 600ml bottle of water or use a BPA Free Water Bottle


Tony Byfield a professional driver loses 14Kg by ditching the sugar and using Zija products

Also reducing your intake of sugary snack bars with slow releasing natural energy alternatives such as fruit, nuts and raisins (are we not constantly informed in the media how a banana is much better for energy) will give your body more sustainable energy to do the things you want to.

Tony Byfield enjoying time with his family with his increased energy levels through using just a few Zija products

The bottom line is just changing out your sugary snacks and drinks to Moringa Sachets and healthy snacks will increase your energy and reduce your waist line and I can help you.

So contact me today and lets chat

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Health / Wellbeing advocate and Zija Distributor

Lisa Byfield – Health / Wellbeing advocate and Zija Distributor

Prior to being introduced Zija products and the benefits of Moringa, I was feeling quite desperate in my attempt to conquer numerous health issues, including candida – all of which left me struggling to get through the day.

Frequent trips to the naturopath and my local health shop were not uncommon and I had a huge plastic container with many supplements, vitamins and even the odd tincture especially mixed up for me, from the naturopath, all of which were expensive.  Some worked reasonably well but were not sustainable, and many I realise now were not absorbing into my body and basically were a total waste of the money spent.  I was always tired.

I was introduced to the world of Zija and its many beneficial products but find that most people need to experience just one or two products, to see a marked improvement to their health and wellbeing.

The supplement I take now is readily absorbed by the body, is so easy to take and has had a marked improvement on my health and I have not missed a day in over three (3) years because I am so impressed by how it has not only improved my overall health, but also I know that it is likely to protect me from falling prey to many diseases prevalent in our modern society.  Having also had bouts of depression I find that it has given me my “happy” back.


Lisa and Tony Byfield before Moringa / Zija Products


Lisa and Tony Byfield after Moringa / Zija products

We have three (3) CORE NUTRITIONALS that come in easy to take sachets, very portable for traveling, that you simply shake in a bottle of water and drink in the nutrition.  Which one you take will depend on the results you are looking for and whether you have any underlying digestion issues (in which case SmartMix is normally the one for you)

Although Moringa Oleifera’s is readily available in health food shops and I have tried it, it does not give the same results.  NOT ALL MORINGA IS EQUAL.

Even though my husband and I lead a hectic, full on life style, using just a few core products each we have improved our general health and wellbeing so much that we have regained our youthful energy levels to enjoy life again in our later years in life with early morning walks and much much more !

Lisa and Tony Byfield with Holly full of enegy

I am so impressed by this company and their products, including water filters, essential oils, personal care items, sports supplements, as well as the Core Moringa, I have partnered with them as a Distributor and love educating people and watching lives change for the better.

If you want to see a marked improvement to your health and well being, contact me :

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