Perths Smart Freeways


On a 13Km stretch of Kwinana Freeway, between Farrington Road and the Narrows Bridge, WA’s first Smart Freeway is taking shape.

The upgrade will require drivers to embrace a whole new way of using a freeway in WA, from traffic lights at the on-ramps to variable speed limits, enabled by new technologies which should see a significant change for the better in the travel along that section of freeway.

Smart Freeway Traffic Signals on on ramps

The most immediate change will be to lanes between Canning Highway and the Narrows, which previously had three lanes as well as an emergency lane along the river.

It will now be converted to four traffic lanes with what is known as “all lane running”, turning the emergency lane into a permanent live traffic lane.

The introduction of all lane running allows Main Roads to provide increased traffic capacity using an existing lane, but it presents a challenge in the risk of crashes and breakdowns.

My Getaway Driver – Transport Services has learnt that there are plans for around six emergency stopping bays, one approximately every 600m, allowing drivers to pull over safely. Each will be equipped with roadside assistance phones and monitored to ensure vehicles aren’t stranded.

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Monitoring the Road ahead

If a vehicle does breakdown in a live lane, or if traffic is backing up, another part of the Smart Freeway system kicks into gear.

Monitoring cameras, over 440 sensors and even radar and thermal imaging will detect problems, stopped cars and crashes, and alert the Road Network Operations Centre.

The Operations Centre can then use overhead signs to close lanes by marking them with an X similar to the Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel, or be able to vary speed limits to improve traffic flow and safety and provide real-time traffic information to road users with electronic message signs.

Perth Smart Freeway Variable Speed control

How bad are Pert’s freeways ?

As population grows in Perth and surrounding suburbs, so does the congestion. As such the time it takes to perform essential tasks also increases. It becomes harder to reach schools or workplaces, and delays in reaching hospitals or emergency services can cost lives.

Congestion across Perth’s road network is estimated to cost $4.5 million a day, and without substantial changes, that figure is expected to double to more than double to $10.5 million a day by 2031.

Perth Smart Freeway Map

Effectively managing congestion is a complex balancing act. What is clear is that a range of strategies, beyond changes to the road network, will be needed to ensure we can keep Perth’s road network moving as our city grows.








We are still operating during the Coronoa Virus ( Covid-19 ) Outbreak

Although I may have implemented a few changes to our Policies to prevent either myself or my clients / customers contracting the Virus through touch.

Customers / Clients are advised to also adopt the following


No Handshaking Policy during Corona Virus Outbreak

SOCIAL DISTANCING – Sit in rear of vehicle more than 1 metre away

Easy in our spacious 7 Passenger Seater Kia Carnival

Wash hands frequently

Use a good Hand Sanitiser


The driver also periodically wipes down major contact points inside and outside the vehicle as Covid-19 is a contact based Virus

Cleaning Hands inside and out to rid Covid-19 droplets

Cleaning Hands inside and out to rid Covid-19 droplets

Cleaning seatbelts and buckles to rid Covid-19 droplets


See our Informational You Tube Clip regarding our Cleaning policies etc during CoVid-19

 Click Here


7 Passenger Seater Kia Carnival Vehicle

Our 7 Passenger Seater Kia Carnival with Optional Enclosed Luggage Trailer


Gone is the standard 4 seater Wagon Hyundai i30 that we had for three years…….. Hello to our 7 Passenger Seater Kia Carnival people carrier shown above with our optional enclosed luggage trailer

As you can see our Kia Carnival is very spacious inside and allows people to spread out and enjoy the ride in comfort and style.

Optional Eski package available to keep your drinks cold during Chartered Trips

Want to have a few drinks on the way within our private Chartered Vehicle…….. No problem.

When hiring a private Chartered Vehicle through us for over a one hour duration you are allowed to consume alcohol beverages within our vehicle. In order to have this optional Eski package during your Chartered you must purchase a one hour Charter booking upgrade at time of booking.



Our Pledge to pick you up or Three Free Trips to you

Our Pledge to pick you up or Three Free Trips to you

Do you know a FiFo or someone who regularly travels Interstate. Or just a one off trip away.

My Getaway Driver carries out Airport Transfers / Transport, mainly operating in the Rockingham , Kwinana , Mandurah , Pinjarra along with Hotel pick ups and drop offs in the Perth CBD area.

Is that person always wishing for a reliable same car, same driver all the time?

Why not share my details to them and make them happy.

With ease of booking just a few clicks and Tax Invoices sent to you, we can do all that for them and more !

Private Transport Sevice for up to seven passengers….. Starting from $50.00 for the car !


Not Per Person, depending on pick up location.

ODBS Agent registered with DoT, Fully insured CVL vehicle, F Licence, police cleared and loads of room…. we don’t treat you or them like Cattle

We also have an enclosed lockable trailer available at an additional small cost for when you have additional luggage or over sized that wont fit in the back

My Getaway Driver – Airport Transfers is a much more affordable option than a mini bus rental.

We carry complimentary bottles of water, minties, tissues, phone chargers for most standard mobile phones, unlimited WiFi and a very helpful and pleasant driver.

Our prices are all listed her on our website so click HERE

See our available schedule and book online click HERE

Its that easy !

So don’t delay…… book today and let us take you away on your next Getaway !

Want to talk to us about any special requirements then please contact us through messenger and one of our team will contact you shortly.

Can you claim Travel as a Tax Deduction ?

With many FiFo workers or regular sales consultants / business owners and or operators it may be possible to claim these back as a Tax deduction.

With all your transport trips with us at My Getaway Driver being electronical Tax Invoices these can all be found in your emails if you just search ” My Getaway Driver ” in your search bar.

With Tax Time looming and with so much regular trips, this is a large portion of your outgoings and can be tax deductible ( always check with a professional accountant to confirm your specific tax deductions )

Statement with links to replint all your invoices

If you can not find / locate all your Tax Invoices for this purpose we are happy to provide you a statement of all your travel with hyperlinks to print copies, however there is a nominal admin charge of $15.00 charge for this facility.

If you would like this statement please email us and we will arrange it for you.

Good Tyres Save Lives: We Don’t Cheap Out When It Comes to Safety

Every year when winter sets in, its like drivers forget that the main thing thats going to stop their car safely is the Tyres and the brakes.

How often have you seen a driver cut infront of another driver to save a few seconds and they are slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting them ? We see it all the time whilst doing Airport Transfers to and from Perth Airport.

All to often I’m sure you will agree !

When winter is here and brings the cold damp mornings, its not the rubber that’s going to stop your car but how well it channels the water away with the grooves and grips the road that is going to save you and your loved ones in the vehicle.

Tyres and Balancing from ID Automotive Repairs

That’s why we at My Getaway Driver trust the knowledge and expertise of ID Automotive Repairs in Port Kennedy to check, and change if need be, our tires or even just rotate and balance them for uniformed wear.

Read their full blog on tires and brake safety and give them a call and get your tires checked

Tyres & Brakes blog ID Automotive Repairs

Call them now on – 089524 6202

On Demand Booking Service Authorised Provider

From the 1st April 2019, Drivers that provide personal transport and or Airport Transfer etc are required to register with the Department Of Transport, their details and collect a 10% Taxi Buy Back Levy fee within their charges to subsidies Taxi’s that are willing to part with their Taxi Plate  ownership.

On-demand passenger transport is the transport of passengers for hire or reward where the passenger or hirer determines the locations for the beginning and end of the journey, as well as the time of travel.

Jonathan Ellis – Trading As My Getaway Driver has been Authorised with ODBS Authorisation Number 1000100 and are Authorised via the Department Of Transport to Operate / Take bookings in Western Australia with their convenient online booking APP

Our Pledge to pick you up or Three Free Trips to you


Please note that this search service is provided as a guide to the authorisation status of a relevant booking service at the time of the check. It is, however, not conclusive proof that a booking service holds an authorisation. If you are concerned about the status of an authorisation after using this service, you can contact on-demand transport by contacting the Department Of Transport Direct at 1300660147

The above ODBS Search of providers only works via a desktop computer browser not via mobile browser.

Nyepi Day, falls on 7th March this year, a day of silence, celebrating the start of the Hindu new year, for the Balinese this is a time to reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead.

Nyepi is a Balinese “Day of Silence” that is commemorated every Isakawarsa (Saka new year) according to the Balinese calendar. It is a Hindu celebration mainly celebrated in Bali, Indonesia. Nyepi, a public holiday in Indonesia, is a day of silence, fasting and meditation for the Balinese. The day following Nyepi is also celebrated as New Year’s Day. On this day, the youth of Bali in the village of Sesetan in South Bali practice the ceremony of Omed-omedan or ‘The Kissing Ritual’ to celebrate the new year. The same day celebrated in India as Ugadi.


Nyepi Day Celebrations

Observed from 6 a.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning, Nyepi is a day reserved for self-reflection, and as such, anything that might interfere with that purpose is restricted. The main restrictions are no lighting fires (and lights must be kept low); no working; no entertainment or pleasure; no traveling; and, for some, no talking or eating at all. The effect of these prohibitions is that Bali’s usually bustling streets and roads are empty, there is little or no noise from TVs and radios, and few signs of activity are seen even inside homes. The only people to be seen outdoors are the Pecalang, traditional security men who patrol the streets to ensure the prohibitions are being followed.


Nyepi Day Dates

Although Nyepi is primarily a Hindu holiday, non-Hindu residents and tourists are not exempt from the restrictions. Although they are free to do as they wish inside their hotels, no one is allowed onto the beaches or streets, and the only airport in Bali remains closed for the entire day.

Also to note that the day after is the Hindu New Year Day and as such may be troublesome travelling in and out of Bali and should also be avoided on this day.

Our Pledge to pick you up or Three Free Trips to you

The only exceptions granted are for emergency vehicles responding to life-threatening conditions and women about to give birth.

Booking Tax Invoices and 24 Hour Confirmation

Booking Confirmation System that we use

At My Getaway Driver we use an automated booking in system so that customers can see our available time slots and self book in them selves.

The picture here, shows our online booking system with Friday 1st sime slots which are available to prebook.

Once a customer requests a time slot, the system automatically books out an hour after the job + another 45 mins so that the next job we have ample time to get to as it could be anywhere in the Perth Metro area.

On Demand Booking Service DoT ODBS

Once we receive the booking we double check that the driver is actually available and a car and then we invoice out to the customer to “check all details” and lock in the appointment.

In this example you will see that it is a 9:30am pick up from the customers home address in Barragup for Thu 28th Feb and going to T2 Perth Domestic

Tax Invoice to confirm details and direction of travel

Confirmation Stage 1

Customer checks through the invoiced Tax Invoice booking and by paying this invoice, confirms that all details are correct. Please note that if it was 9:30pm that we would further clarify that by entering the details as 21:30pm so there is NO confussion.

This also clearly shows that the vehicle to pick them up will arrive at 9:30am at their home address and not the other way round.

Once paid, this booking is then confirmed and nobody else can book that time slot.

Confirmation Stage 2

Approximately midday before the day of your travel we text the given mobile number with a screen shot of the booking so that, customer gets confirmation that driver is allocated and will turn up but most importantly the customer can double check the following details

Date and Time of Appointment for Transport

Direction Of Booking ie pick up and drop off locations

On Demand Booking Service Text Confirmation

On the above appointment you will see that it is booked for 18:45pm, for an Airport Transfer pick up and that we will pick up at T2 ( Terminal 2 ) Perth Airport going to Secret Harbour.

At My Getaway we do this for every booking so that if there is a problem and the wrong details are entered, we have two instances were this error can be picked up on and rectified before the appointment.

The above two processes 1. Tax Invoice being set out and 2. Text notification with screen shot give the customer clarity on booking and the option to rectify it should the details be wrong

If customer does not pick up on both of these and driver turns up at the correct address on the paperwork but customer is at the other then its clearly the customer who has not checked and no refund or credit voucher is due.

If My Getaway Driver does not pick up and we miss your appointment all together and do not arrange an alternative as per our Pledge Policy, then the Three Free Trips on the Policy then applies

Our Pledge to pick you up or Three Free Trips to you

Our Pledge to pick you up or Three Free Trips to you