Can you claim Travel as a Tax Deduction ?

With many FiFo workers or regular sales consultants / business owners and or operators it may be possible to claim these back as a Tax deduction.

With all your transport trips with us at My Getaway Driver being electronical Tax Invoices these can all be found in your emails if you just search ” My Getaway Driver ” in your search bar.

With Tax Time looming and with so much regular trips, this is a large portion of your outgoings and can be tax deductible ( always check with a professional accountant to confirm your specific tax deductions )

Statement with links to replint all your invoices

If you can not find / locate all your Tax Invoices for this purpose we are happy to provide you a statement of all your travel with hyperlinks to print copies, however there is a nominal admin charge of $15.00 charge for this facility.

If you would like this statement please email us and we will arrange it for you.

Good Tyres Save Lives: We Don’t Cheap Out When It Comes to Safety

Every year when winter sets in, its like drivers forget that the main thing thats going to stop their car safely is the Tyres and the brakes.

How often have you seen a driver cut infront of another driver to save a few seconds and they are slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting them ? We see it all the time whilst doing Airport Transfers to and from Perth Airport.

All to often I’m sure you will agree !

When winter is here and brings the cold damp mornings, its not the rubber that’s going to stop your car but how well it channels the water away with the grooves and grips the road that is going to save you and your loved ones in the vehicle.

Tyres and Balancing from ID Automotive Repairs

That’s why we at My Getaway Driver trust the knowledge and expertise of ID Automotive Repairs in Port Kennedy to check, and change if need be, our tires or even just rotate and balance them for uniformed wear.

Read their full blog on tires and brake safety and give them a call and get your tires checked

Tyres & Brakes blog ID Automotive Repairs

Call them now on – 089524 6202