Booking Tax Invoices and 24 Hour Confirmation

Booking Confirmation System that we use

At My Getaway Driver we use an automated booking in system so that customers can see our available time slots and self book in them selves.

The picture here, shows our online booking system with Friday 1st sime slots which are available to prebook.

Once a customer requests a time slot, the system automatically books out an hour after the job + another 45 mins so that the next job we have ample time to get to as it could be anywhere in the Perth Metro area.

On Demand Booking Service DoT ODBS

Once we receive the booking we double check that the driver is actually available and a car and then we invoice out to the customer to “check all details” and lock in the appointment.

In this example you will see that it is a 9:30am pick up from the customers home address in Barragup for Thu 28th Feb and going to T2 Perth Domestic

Tax Invoice to confirm details and direction of travel

Confirmation Stage 1

Customer checks through the invoiced Tax Invoice booking and by paying this invoice, confirms that all details are correct. Please note that if it was 9:30pm that we would further clarify that by entering the details as 21:30pm so there is NO confussion.

This also clearly shows that the vehicle to pick them up will arrive at 9:30am at their home address and not the other way round.

Once paid, this booking is then confirmed and nobody else can book that time slot.

Confirmation Stage 2

Approximately midday before the day of your travel we text the given mobile number with a screen shot of the booking so that, customer gets confirmation that driver is allocated and will turn up but most importantly the customer can double check the following details

Date and Time of Appointment for Transport

Direction Of Booking ie pick up and drop off locations

On Demand Booking Service Text Confirmation

On the above appointment you will see that it is booked for 18:45pm, for an Airport Transfer pick up and that we will pick up at T2 ( Terminal 2 ) Perth Airport going to Secret Harbour.

At My Getaway we do this for every booking so that if there is a problem and the wrong details are entered, we have two instances were this error can be picked up on and rectified before the appointment.

The above two processes 1. Tax Invoice being set out and 2. Text notification with screen shot give the customer clarity on booking and the option to rectify it should the details be wrong

If customer does not pick up on both of these and driver turns up at the correct address on the paperwork but customer is at the other then its clearly the customer who has not checked and no refund or credit voucher is due.

If My Getaway Driver does not pick up and we miss your appointment all together and do not arrange an alternative as per our Pledge Policy, then the Three Free Trips on the Policy then applies

Our Pledge to pick you up or Three Free Trips to you

Our Pledge to pick you up or Three Free Trips to you

Pricing to increase as per DoT ODBS Fees

Price Changes due to On-Demand Passenger Transport Levy

From 01 April 2019, the WA State government will introduce a 10% On-Demand Passenger Transport Levy on all bookings to fund the Taxi plate buyback scheme.

The WA government has stated in the media that fares should not increase by 10% as operators will have reduced costs from the new legislation. Unfortunately this has not been the case, as not only do drivers and vehicles need to be registered and authorized, booking companies now also need to be authorized and pay additional annual fees.

Whilst every attempt has been made to keep the costs down, as a result of these changes, our prices will increase for all bookings taken from 01 April 2019 onward, but these will be limited to no more than the 10% levy.



On Demand Booking Service Charges

This 10% will be itemized as an additional line item on tax invoices as we do not see this money but have to pay directly to Department of Transport.

Full details regarding the On Demand Booking Services and Taxi Plate Buy Back Scheme can be found at DoT Omnibus Website

As an authorized charter company, you can be assured you will always receive a safe and reliable journey.