Kwinana Freeway Northbound Widening Russell Road to Roe Highway

Kwinana Freeway Widening

As from 31st October, the Kwinana Freeway Northbound between Russell Road to Roe Highway will begin roadworks to widen from the current two lanes to three lanes.

Whilst this work is in effect, traffic will most probably be reduced to 80Kph and may see lane reductions to just one whilst some work is being done.

As such, My Getaway Driver – Transport Services recommend that passengers travelling to Perth CBD and especially Perth Airport Transfers allow extra time added to their journeys.

My Getaway Driver – Transport Services will undoubtedly try to avoid any roadworks with alternative routes that we can use, our main choice being to use Thomas Road and Tonkin Hwy as indicated.



Alternative Route for Airport Transfers



Please note that with the above works being carried out, others will most probably adopt that route as well so expect extra traffic / delays on the alternative route.







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So why is this work planned ?

Kwinana Freeway is the main artery servicing the southern section of the Perth Metropolitan Area and the South West. It also forms part of a freight route between Fremantle Port and Perth’s industrial areas.

Significant growth in traffic volumes over recent years has resulted in congestion and flow breakdown on Kwinana Freeway northbound, south of Roe Highway.

Over 75 per cent of crashes on this section of road are potentially dangerous rear-end collisions involving a higher than average proportion of heavy vehicles.